Eliminate the Noise with Controlled Communications

Tailor notifications to suit your preferences and stay informed about updates happening on your LOS.

  • Customizable
  • Eliminates Chaotic Communications
  • Boosts Engagement

Client Roadblocks and Concerns

The team members were either using their inbox as their To Do list or they were unaware of changes made on their LOS and lost track of the updates which led to losing control over the LOS, chaotic communications, and decreased productivity.

Brimma's Remedy

  • Admins can configure custom notifications and have complete control over who, when, and where each role receives it.
  • Create role-based notifications and let each user tailor them according to their desired frequency.
  • Send alerts on different communication channels like SMS, Teams, and Email.
  • Spin-up chats and emeetings directly from any notification.
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