Tribe Brimma Tech Accelerate your digital transformation
Let's talk around a campfire.
Accelerate your digital transformation Let's talk around a campfire.
"We had a definite need to expand our senior software development team to design modern, cutting edge front-end consumer solutions, and Brimma Tech was a perfect fit. I value a company I can seamlessly work with and even learn from. And, Brimma Tech is that company." Steve Octaviano CTO, Blue Sage Solutions
"I have worked with many app development firms and all of them had strengths, but the Brimma Tech team brought a full stack of talent to the table that I hadn't seen in many larger firms. I won't be looking anywhere else for help." Devin Dally Ex-COO, Blue Sage Solutions MD - Business Development, HomeBridge Financial Services
We are the youngest company to be Ellie Mae's Pro Select Partner!
We're Ellie Mae's Encompass-Certified Developer
We're an associate member of the MBa Mortgage Bankers' Association
Passionate engineers UX/UI designers Content strategists
Tech solutions that help you navigate your digital landscape
Are you looking for a trusted technology partner, who’ll:
  • Consistently deliver excellence in bringing digital innovation: architecture, visual design, development and implementation, integration, mobile app development, product extension
    and reengineering?
  • Enable you to gain business process efficiency and provide delightful customer experience?
Well, look no further.
Passionate engineers
UX/UI designers
Content strategists
Tons of experience in the FinTech/Mortgage domain
Tons of experience in the FinTech/Mortgage domain

Tech solutions that help you navigate your digital landscape
Brimma Tech designs and builds applications for a living! And we have loads of fun
along the way:
Defining business goals and product strategy | Conducting market research and technology assessments | Developing Proof of Concept | Rapid prototyping | Creating visual design | Usability testing | Defining product architecture | Iterative application development and delivery | Realizing your business goals
Our Customers

Blue Sage Solutions is a leading loan origination solution company for over 30 years in the US. Blue Sage Solutions delivers game-changing, cloud-based lending software solutions designed to automate compliant loan fulfillment across all channels.

About Us

We are a passionate and complete lifecycle software product development and technology services company.

So, it really doesn't matter whether you're a start-up (just like us) or a large enterprise, we would love to be your preferred design and delivery partner throughout your digital evolution:

  • Architecture and Design
  • UX (User Experience) strategy and Design
  • Development
  • Integration Testing and Performance Engineering
  • Reengineering
  • Implementation and Sustenance Engineering
  • Value-Added Services – Product Documentation and Digital Marketing
Our Strengths
Our people and our values are our core strengths.
Two decades of experience building and implementing mortgage technology solutions for the top lenders in the US | Onshore SMEs & project leadership | Flexible project execution models - onshore, offshore, and hybrid | Rapid prototyping | Visual Design | Weekly sprints/progress demos | Close-to-zero project management overhead | Top quality delivery- no hand-holding | Detailed requirements, specs, and artifacts: Non-mandatory | Global delivery locations in Raleigh and Chennai | Blue Sage Solutions' Engineering Partner | Associate Member of the MBa | Encompass Certified Developer | The youngest Ellie Mae PRO SELECT partner
About the Tribe
What do you get from a tribe that comprises self-driven engineers, UX/UI designers, and content strategists?
Creativity. Nothing more, nothing less. And, it’s obvious our teamwork is splendid,
for we’re all either beer nuts or caffeine addicts.
And, when we’re are not working, we’re partying. Why? Because we believe in tribal leadership and because life’s great at Brimma Tech!
The tribal chief

The tribal chief

Our chief, Supree Periasamy, has 25+ years of progressive software development experience. Before launching Brimma Tech, he served as the VP - Application Engineering, Ellie Mae, Inc. During his tenure there, he led the development of the NextGen suite of lending solutions for the US mortgage industry.

Prior to Ellie Mae, as a member of the core team at Palisades Technology Partners (later acquired by IBM in 2006), he contributed to build and implement Impact, the first web-based mortgage origination system, at most of the top 10 lenders in the US.

A voracious reader, an yes-attitude-enabler, and observer of life, he brings the calm when everyone is rattled by the storm!

The master

The master

Deepan Kumar has more than a decade of experience as a software developer. He’s extremely passionate about refactoring and TDD (Test Driven Development).

He likes to be known as the Agile Evangelist in our team, as he’s a Certified Scrum Master. Whenever he talks, we listen for he talks very less

A winner of multiple awards, he loves to regurgitate: “Does it matter?”

The advisor

The advisor

Divya Gupta, comes with a lot of experience in web development and web application lifecycle. She is a passionate developer with a love for awesome products.

She has a keen eye for design and had developed many complex applications even before joining us.

Her tenacious smile along with a strong self-belief is enough to win projects if not the client itself!

The superhero

The superhero

Jona Frank is highly experienced in full stack web development and product management. He’s a multi talented polyglot developer with significant experience in developing and architecting full stack web applications.

His ability to ideate, lead, architect, and implement web applications is astonishing.

In his own words, he claims to be a “savvy, sassy, and sedulous personality!”... Well, go figure!

The wise storyteller

The wise storyteller

Gopakumar TV aka Gops has more than 17 years of experience in multimedia When he’s not wowing our clients with his UX and UI designs, he’s a photographer and film director par excellence.

The entire tribe turns to him for crisis management, consensus-building, and problem-solving!

More often than not, they go back happy.

The shaman

The shaman

Abhilash warrier heals the tribe as well as our customers with his magic potions and concoctions!

He has more than 14 years of experience in content strategy, digital marketing, and instructional design… He believes in selling the experience and NOT the product/service.

He loves writing poems, short stories, and movie scripts. Someday, he believes, a masterpiece shall come through him.

The warrior

The warrior

Periyasamy Thirumalaivelsamy aka Peri has many years of experience working across multiple MNCs in India and Singapore. He loves training and mentoring his peers on multiple technology stacks and industry verticals.

He loves to be involved across all stages of the SDLC right from requirements gathering to final testing… And winning awards galore along this path.

Every tribe needs a warrior. Somebody, who fights till the last moment to reach the root cause of any problem. Someone, who loves to debate over multiple topics and POVs to get better results. We have Peri!

The scout

The scout

Kevin John has almost a decade of experience as a Backend Developer and an Application Architect in the freelance universe. He has designed, developed, and delivered stable applications from scratch.

Being obsessed with tech and gadgets, he occasionally blogs about them on Techzei and edits videos on their YouTube channel.

This impulsive shopper will bite a bullet to own a bitten apple!

The server

The server

Kirupakaran has many years of experience in building web applications. Experienced in various full stack software technologies, he is working on enhancing his skills on the art of coding.

He believes in a future powered by machines and AI. His dream is to build human-centric products by using AI.

When he is not hacking away in front of a screen, he spends his time reading novels and listening to music.

The animal tamer

The animal tamer

Pavithra Ganesh has multiple years of experience in full stack development using core Java, Javascript, and jQuery.

She understands problems quickly, whispers to herself, and comes up with efficient strategies to tame them.

She’s passionate about new technologies and music. When not at her desk, you can hear her humming old Tamil classics or playing a guitar.

The nurturer

The nurturer

Sandhya aka Sandy has 14+ years of experience as a learning & multimedia designer.

An award-winning information designer, she’s designed creative client engagement artifacts (customer journey maps, animated videos, murals, brochures, magazines, posters, etc.) for various pre-sales teams to win deals.

In her spare time, this GoT fan loves watching animated and sci-fi movies, listening to peppy songs, especially Ilaiyaraaja melodies!

The food gatherer

The food gatherer

Sharda Patel has 40+ years in the Banking and Mortgage sector! She’s spent a lifetime helping Americans achieve one of the great American dreams: owning a home!

Similar to the indispensable food gatherer’s role in a tribe, she recognizes, investigates, and helps resolve data discrepancies and anomalies!

From utilizing Bluemix framework, cloud database, and microservice technology to designing Income Analyzer and Title Policy Analyzer tools for the Mortgage industry… As a Senior Business Analyst, she’s been there and done that over four decades now!

Apart from work, she’s passionate about books, music, and movies. Also, not many know that she’s a model railroader!

The guardian

The guardian

Vaishnavi is an experienced polyglot web developer with demonstrated skills of working proficiently in the IT sector.

She loves to work and experiment with multiple frameworks, libraries, and tools. She’s a wonderful consultant on both web application design and development.

She is an avid badminton player, who loves still art and motion pictures.

The shepherd

The shepherd

Venugopal aka Venu has more than five years of experience on full stack development using Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. He loves to develop Android apps as his pet project!

The most silent guy in our tribe is super passionate about understanding problems and finding feasible solutions for them.

Non-fiction books, Table Tennis, and Formula One… These are a few of his favorite things!

The skinner

The skinner

Srikanth is an award-winning, passionate full-stack developer with a decade of work experience behind him. He’s developed tools and reusable assets, which helped his teams across various organizations to be more productive.

He swears and lives by this motto: “Growing doesn’t mean aging but learning.”

Like a skinner, he preserves what’s good for the tribe for lean times. When he’s not following news on new technologies, he listens to music and spiritual discourses!

The curator

The curator

Sripriya aka Sri is an Agile Certified Professional (PMI ACP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) with 20+ years of experience in Learning Development & Delivery.

Starting her journey as a technical author and trainer, she blazed her way to lead cross-functional teams, projects, and key accounts across geographies and industry verticals. Her impressive communication and natural interpersonal skills make her an integral leader. She balances both client as well as team expectations so well that she’s everybody’s friend in need!

Unparalleled vendor, client, and stakeholder engagement capabilities make her the ideal curator that a growing Brimma tribe needs. An epitome of wisdom, grace, and observation, you can always rely on her to save your world in every way possible.

If she isn’t unwinding herself while listening to Ilayaraja and SPB gems, she’s mastering world cuisine one course meal at a time! And, every now and then, she secretly teleports herself to her favorite world of books, blogging, and movies.

You, our newest tribe member?

You, our newest tribe member?

  • Are you passionate about delivering top quality technology solutions?
  • Are you excited about architecting and developing products that customers love?
  • Are you self-driven?
  • Are you also excited to share our Tribal Leadership philosophy and values?
  • Would you want to be a partner and not just an employee?

If your answer is a resounding yes to all these questions, we would love you to join our tribe.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is simple: To be your preferred end-to-end partner of choice for your digital landscape

Our mission to achieve our vision is even simpler: Deliver reliability and excellence to every customer consistently

Our values, which’ll help us achieve our mission, are the simplest:

Employees First - Every Brimma Tech employee is a partner.
Stage 5 Tribal Leadership - Our team is made of Stage 5 Tribal Leadership aspirants and our motto is “Life is great”.

Brimma Tech wants to be known as the 'Most Loved Company' among employees and customers.
And,we're already there. But we have this constant hunger to grow and outdo ourselves again and again.
We truly believe in the philosophy of Tribal Leadership elaborated in the New York bestseller by the same name! The book is a result of a study conducted by the authors on 24,000 employees across 24 organizations worldwide.
Our take on it

We believe that tribes are everywhere, even in organizations!
Tribes are made up of small groups of people, who have something in common that binds them
together. All tribes have leaders. Each tribe has their own language, behavior, and operate at a certain stage.

At Stage 5 of Tribal Leadership aspiration, we reinforce our shared values, opportunities, and the long-lasting greater impact our tribe would leave on Earth. We recruit tribe members, who share our common values, language, and mojo!

At Brimma Tech, ‘we’ replaces ‘I’. Our tribe morale is always high and we’re energetic and enjoy working together. No one complains about other tribe members. We establish trust, reliability, and relationship beyond work.

our Tribe
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Have a great day ahead.

our Tribe

Are you passionate about delivering top quality technology solutions? Are you excited about architecting and developing products that customers love? Are you self-driven?

Are you also excited to share our Tribal Leadership philosophy and values? Would you want to be a partner and not just an employee?

If your answer is a resounding yes to all these questions, we would love you to join our tribe. We guarantee you two things and two things only: a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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