How Does Brimma Deliver Rapid Modern Technology Innovation?
Brimma’s Secret Sauce Delivery Methodology Synchronizes Three Distinct Workstream Pillars: Mortgage Process Optimizations, Mortgage Technology Architecture Assessment and An Agile Delivery Center of Excellence to drive Continuous Innovation and Continuous Delivery (CI-CD)
Mortgage Process Optimization
  • Interview Process Teams by “persona” to understand specific current state flows
  • Identify and Document process choke points
  • Prescribe Quick Hit Automation Wins
  • Define longer term transformation opportunities
  • Document Detailed Process Flows as specific business – functional requirements
  • Deliver Actionable Implementation Plans with scope, timelines and budgets
Technology/Architecture Enablers Analysis
  • Review Proven Best Practices automation enablers with client IT teams
  • Perform Detailed Evaluation of Technology architectures and integrations
  • Score Against Proprietary Reference Architecture to identify opportunities and risks
  • Prescribe Quick Hit Solutions to alleviate system bottlenecks
  • Recommend Actionable Automation Roadmap specifying tech platforms, tech specs and the developer skills required to achieve
Agile Delivery Center of Excellence
  • Develop Holistic Agile delivery plans
  • Design UX-UI Prototypes for stakeholder alignment and adoption
  • Leverage Pre-Built Automation Frameworks that adhere to Reference Architecture for accelerated delivery schedules and long-term maintainability
  • Execute Bi-weekly Sprints for quick hit wins and quarterly transformation
  • Implement DevOps CI –CD for consistent rapid high quality solution deliverables
Quick App – 1003 AutoFill
With 1 CLICK, Open the 1003 Web-App and Auto-populate Borrower and Property data to accelerate engagement and increase Loan Officer capacity.
  • Removes need for Loan Officer to re-key any data (save 20 mins/borrower)
  • Rapid Re-Fi in 60 seconds
  • Increase responsiveness to borrowers
Rialto AI - Conversational Data and Docs
Retrieve What You Need Instantly – Without Touching Your LOS.
Chat with Rialto AI Via Voice, Text, or Click-Tab to access the data and documents needed to quickly Engage and Empower Borrowers, Servicers and Investors.
  • Real Time Data – Real Fast
  • Supercharges Enterprise Responsiveness
  • Increases Operational Capacity
Disclosure Validation Service
Rules Based Validation
Disclosure Validation Service automatically runs against 100+ standard/custom rules by product and state defining required data and documentation for rapid compliant execution of LE/Disclosures
  • Immediate insights for next best action
  • No more hassles hunting for data across systems
  • Real Time Enterprise Operations
Automated Vendor Orders
Realtime Vendor Order Execution and Monitoring
No more guessing about vendor order status. Instead Automatic Order Execution, Data Validations, Alerts and Metrics removes the headaches and thousands of hours out of your manual order management process.
Rate Lock Extension
Real-Time Rate Lock Extension
Auto-Present expiring locks and calculate extension fees for real-time approvals and automatic extensions communicated to all parties of the transaction.
  • Pro-actively alerts LOs about expiring locks
  • Auto-magically calculates extension fees
  • Bulk Extend locks in 30 seconds
  • Skip the LOS login
RPA Automation
Automate hundreds of manual processes across Production, Processing, Underwriting, Closing, Funding and Compliance. Using the most advanced Robotics Process Automation platform integrated with your current Microsoft applications delivers unparalleled automated workflow for increased capacity and lower loan manufacturing costs. Sample use cases include:
  • Intent to Proceed
  • Send Initial Disclosures
  • Notice of Incomplete Action
  • Send Post Closing CD
  • ULDD Data Alignment
Industry Benefits
By partnering with clients across their Business, Operations and Technical teams, Brimma curates tailored solutions that deliver the following benefits.
Loans Processed Per FTE
Innovation – Integration Efficiency
(Time to Market & Costs)