Brimma Tech wants to be known as the 'Most Loved Company' among employees and customers.
And, we're already there. But we have this constant hunger to grow and outdo ourselves again and again. We truly believe in the philosophy of Tribal Leadership elaborated in the New York bestseller by the same name! The book is a result of a study conducted by the authors on 24,000 employees across 24 organizations worldwide.

We believe that tribes are everywhere, even in organizations! Tribes are made up of small groups of people, who have something in common that binds them together. All tribes have leaders. Each tribe has their own language, behavior, and operate at a certain stage.

At Stage 5 of Tribal Leadership aspiration, we reinforce our shared values, opportunities, and the long-lasting greater impact our tribe would leave on Earth. We recruit tribe members, who share our common values, language, and mojo!

At Brimma Tech, ‘we’ replaces ‘I’. Our tribe morale is always high and we’re energetic and enjoy working together. No one complains about other tribe members. We establish trust, reliability, and relationship beyond work.

A drumroll comprises a series of drumbeats to create a continuous sound of music. It’s often used to build anticipation, highlight arrival, and to celebrate milestones. So, listen to our drumroll… Partake in our continuous learning and thought leadership.
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Are you passionate about delivering top quality technology solutions? Are you excited about architecting and developing products that customers love? Are you self-driven?

Are you also excited to share our Tribal Leadership philosophy and values? Would you want to be a partner and not just an employee?

If your answer is a resounding yes to all these questions, we would love you to join our tribe. We guarantee you two things and two things only: a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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