Are you looking for a trusted technology partner, who’ll:
  • Consistently deliver excellence in bringing digital innovation via: rapid prototyping, visual design, architecture, product development, extension and implementation, integration, web/mobile application development, and re-engineering?
  • Ensure your business goals are met with the right technology innovation while providing superior user experience and delightful customer experience?
Well, look no further.
Passionate engineers UX/UI designers Content strategists
Tech solutions that help you navigate your digital landscape
Passionate engineers
UX/UI designers
Content strategists
Tons of experience in the FinTech/Mortgage domain
Tons of experience in the FinTech/Mortgage domain

Tech solutions that help you navigate your digital landscape
Brimma Tech designs and builds applications for a living! And we have loads of fun along the way:
Defining business goals and product strategy | Conducting market research and technology assessments | Developing proof of concept | Rapid prototyping | Creating visual design | Usability testing | Defining product architecture | Iterative application development and delivery | Realizing your business goals

Amicus Brain is a humane AI-first company based out of New York, building AI-enabled innovative services for individuals with Dementia or Alzheimer's and for their caregivers/care partners, to help enhance their well-being and improve quality of life.


Blue Sage Solutions is a leading loan origination solution company for over 30 years in the US. Blue Sage Solutions delivers game-changing, cloud-based lending software solutions designed to automate compliant loan fulfillment across all channels.

“Words aren't adequate at all at a moment like this. Each one of you has given the gift of your talent, energy, and time to move an idea in my head to something concrete that people can read, react, and write about.
This couldn't have been done without you. Thank you so much for becoming our true partners to embark on this journey.”
Dr. Chitra Dorai
Founder & CEO, Amicus Brain Innovations, Inc.
"We had a definite need to expand our senior software development team to design modern, cutting edge front-end consumer solutions, and Brimma Tech was a perfect fit.
I value a company I can seamlessly work with and even learn from. And, Brimma Tech is that company."
Steve Octaviano
CTO, Blue Sage Solutions
"I have worked with many app development firms and all of them had strengths, but the Brimma Tech team brought a full stack of talent to the table that I hadn't seen in many larger firms.
I won't be looking anywhere else for help."
Devin Dally
MD - Business Development, HomeBridge Financial Services

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